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Panerai Luminor Base Marina PAM001 Review

Panerai was founded in 1860 by Giovanni Panerai in Florence Italy.  These timepieces were originally designed for the Italian naval officers to wear as they encountered extreme conditions.  The oversized casing of the design was re-adapted in the new models and continues to be a defining feature for the brand today.  What started out as a niche company, has become one of the most desired boutique watch manufacturers in the market today.  You’ll find Panerai on the wrists of superstars like Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bill Clinton, Tom Cruise, and Jason Statham.


The Luminor Base Marina model is one of the simplest Panerai’s available.  It has the basic hour and minute hands, as well as a small-seconds dial at the 9 o’clock position.

The Luminor model of the Panerai brand has a large crown with a unique folding clasp design to protect the movement from damage.  The crown guard pops out of its locked position and folds out which then allows you to adjust the crown itself to set the time.  This allows you to manually wind the movement as well.

When pushing the crown back into the locked position, ensure you do so carefully, gently, and with even pressure on both sides of the crown.  Being aggressive with the crown, especially on earlier base model Panerai’s like this can damage the functionality.  The unique crown guard is also a feature which helps determine authenticity.  If the crown guard is too large, and/or not immaculate in every detail down to the metal brushing, it could be a sign it is a fake.

The Luminor Marina has a 56 hour power reserve and high visibility luminous dial markers.

Quality of Craftsmanship

Panerai craftsmanship has withstood the test of time (no pun intended).  Remember, these watches were used and trusted by the Navy historically.

The positives of Panerai craftsmanship include the aesthetically pleasing design.  Panerai Luminor models typically come with the ‘sandwich’ dial appropriately named for the layering of discs on top of each other.  This dial design was initially created out of pure functionality.  The Royal Italian Navy requested a strong presence of luminous glow for their watches so they could easily see at night and while diving.  By making the bottom layer of their dials luminous, and covering it with an additional upper layer, Panerai was able to let the glow power through stronger than other watches.  This yields an amazing glow when you wear one in the dark and looks stunning.  Today there are different variations of the dial including painted on stick-dials, and recessed lume layered dials.  The ‘sandwich’ dial is a feature you should look for when accessing the quality of this model and trying to identify authenticity.  Not every model has them.

The dials of the Luminor Marina are also decorated with Arabic numerals at the 12, 3, and 6 o’clock positons.  This was once again a request by the Italian Navy for visibility ease.  It has remained as a desirable design feature for the brand today.

Wrist Presence

The Luminor Marina has a 44mm casing which makes for a strong wrist presence.  The model doesn’t look as good on smaller wrists.  If you have a wrist size of 7” + I think it would suit you well.  The Panerai Luminor is almost instantly recognizable by watch gurus and even watch wannnabes due to its unique design and large size.  You’re sure to get some attention and praise by wearing one on your wrist especially from Paneristis (Panerai hard-core enthusiasts.)

Keep in mind, the more complex the model, the more cred you’ll get.  Wearing a Base Luminor like this model is a nice entry to Panerai, but not nearly as strong as some of their thousands of other variations with multiple complications.


We rank this watch a total of 6/10 in general and a 7/10 for a business watch.  They typically come with the OEM leather strap and rubber band.  The leather looks nicer and can add a superb touch to any business suit.  Many people will buy multiple straps, and change them out to match their style.  Enjoy!

Cal Knight

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